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NOTE: Below is a sample flyer to be distributed by elementary school teachers to their students for them to take home to their parents. You should modify this as necessary. Print in colored paper and make it visually attractive for your audience. For example, on one of my flyers I imported graphics of a child playing basketball.

(Program Name)

To: Parents of ________________________ (Name of Elementary School)

Our elementary school has a very exciting opportunity for you!

The top scholars at (Name of high school) have graciously agreed to mentor and work with our students from (beginning time) until (ending time) on the following Saturdays: ______________________________________________________________________________.

Their organization is called ___________. The program has been endorsed by _________________________________.

The best part is, they will work with us in almost any area your child needs or desires help: reading, computers, math, art and basketball. (Here you may insert any special expertise by the mentors; these are merely examples).

Their goal is to instill the passion of learning in young children. You tell us on the enrollment and release form what your child needs, and they will assign someone to work with her or him.

The high school students will come to us, so the programs will all be at our school. Snacks will be served.

We strongly encourage you to enroll your child in this wonderful program, free of charge, provided by a team of community-spirited high school students. You are invited to come as often as you like. You can pick the same subject each time, or choose different ones. It's completely your choice.

We look forward to seeing you as many times as you can come.

Please keep this reminder sheet for your records and turn in the enrollment form.

WHEN: __________________

TIME: __________________

PLACE: __________________
(Drop-off and pickup:____________)

Other forms on this website include the enrollment form and evaluation form.